Black B747 Leinwand

Größe: 45x30 cm
Sonderpreis€39,00 EUR


Kunstdruck auf Leinwand in zwo verschiedenen Größen.

The 747 is the most recognizable airplane in the world. Everyone knows the double-decker 747. This black and white canvas photo of the front of the airplane is an immediate conversation starter. 

The 747 is one of the most popular airplanes of all time. Pilots love it, and every pilot has aspired to sit at the controls of this incredible aircraft one day. 

Every aviation lover would be thrilled to have a beautiful photo of the 747, also nicknamed 'The Queen of the Skies.' It is a graceful airplane, and it revolutionized the airlines when it came out over five decades ago.   

This photo looks great in any home office or living area. It will be a great topic starter for your pilot to talk to friends and family about their passion.


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